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      CBD Handdesinfektionsspray

      CBD Handdesinfektionsspray
      14,80 EUR
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      The elixir of life

      The elixir of life

      59,90 EUR

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      Product No.: 99096

      It’s an ancient human dream to find a fountain of youth in which one need simply immerse oneself to recover one’s lost youth, or an elixir of life the mysterious constituents of which ensure the return of youth, vitality and joie de vivre.

      We have done careful research all over the world, studying the healing secrets of the HUNZA in Pakistan, the medicine of the KAHUNA in Hawaii and the traditions of the “way to immortality” of the Chinese Emperor TAI TSONG. We have collected the experience of the ancient Bulgars and brought back with us from a remote part of Turkey a mysterious “oil of life”. We have collected together those things in which shamans, wise men, medicine men and non-medical practitioners all over the world place their trust.

      In this way a unique combination of active substances and, thus, a means of putting you back in touch with the original vital force within you has been produced. You’ll quickly discover how this unique combination of active substances energises you and peps you up. Life is simply more fun if you can draw on your full resources again. A sense of being in control and of fitness for life is generated which leads to more than just a new outlook. You feel like a new person embarking on a new life.

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